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Amos Pitsch's guide to The Zombies

Tenement's leader discusses some standout tracks ahead of The Zombies' April 15 show at the Barrymore.
Apr 10 2017

Podcast: Tubal Cain's bare-bones black metal

The Madison duo play an April 14 show at Mickey's Tavern.
Apr 06 2017

Adventures in patterns with Sarah Louise

The solo guitarist plays April 7 at Arts + Literature Laboratory.
Apr 03 2017

Podcast: Pedal pubs are capital-B Bad

Our classic essay on pedal pubs, now in audio form.
Mar 30 2017

Bereft emerges in a new form on "Lands"

The metal outfit celebrates its new album with a March 30 show at The Frequency.
Mar 28 2017

Shitty Barn's 2017 season features Ryley Walker, Califone, Freakons

Other highlights include Dosh and Margaret Glaspy.
Mar 24 2017

Podcast: The anxious rustling of film fest schedules

A conversation about the impending 2017 Wisconsin Film Festival.
Mar 23 2017

Podcast: Chants gets aggressive

Madison producer Jordan Cohen discusses his club-oriented new EP.
Mar 16 2017

Curator's notes: Sun Speak, Tony Barba, and Mahr

Our March 19 event at Arts + Lit Lab spans acoustic warmth and electronic abstraction.
Mar 13 2017

Podcast: Mahr's eerie electronic wanderings

The Madison-based producer plays our March 19 showcase at Arts + Literature Laboratory.
Mar 09 2017

Podcast: Change of venue

Reflecting on new beginnings and ownership changes at several Madison clubs.
Mar 02 2017

Clyde Stubblefield sits in

Memories (and audio) of the Funky Drummer's versatility.
Feb 28 2017

Podcast: The Access Denied panel

Hear a panel discussion on barriers to equal access in Madison's nightlife.
Feb 23 2017