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The posthumous character assassination of Tony Robinson

Officials continue to treat a police-shooting victim as a pawn in public discourse.
Feb 27 2017

Dane County blues: On Wisconsin voting and white liberalism

The voters black people should really fear from this election.
Nov 09 2016

A violent reaction to the "All White People Are Racist" hoodie

In a parking garage on State Street, a white man proves why America is still racist and homophobic.
Nov 08 2016

Ribs on notice: the That BBQ Joint controversy

Two writers consider a restaurant's over-the-top struggles with its East Side neighbors.
Nov 01 2016

On free speech and a noose in Wisconsin

The Obama lynching costume was not a contribution to discourse in a free society, and UW should not defend it as such.
Oct 31 2016

The book of Pickett (or how to talk about practice)

Are we missing the bigger picture around a UW student's "All White People Are Racist" hoodie?
Oct 24 2016

The Circus, ch. 5: Soul food as a survival tactic

A memorial for the JD's on University, and an overview of the anatomy of a chicken spot.
Sep 13 2016

Podcast: Michael Penn II on The Circus

The writer and rapper discusses his Tone Madison essay series on race and violence in Madison.
Jul 29 2016

The Circus, ch. 4: The slur virgin's first time

On being called a nigger as a rite of passage.
Jul 26 2016

The Circus, ch. 3: To live and die on Langdon Street

An encounter with whiteness and violence on UW-Madison's fraternity row.
Jul 12 2016

The Circus, ch. 2: Genele Laird and the invisible hoodrat

Deconstructing the racist and sexist context around the violent arrest of an 18-year-old Black woman.
Jun 23 2016

The Circus: One year after Tony

In Madison, one year following the death of an unarmed young man, the black body remains unprotected.
May 31 2016

"19" offers a scattered analysis of Tony Robinson’s death

The new documentary premieres May 25 at the Central Library.
May 23 2016