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Podcast: Shadowboxing with Sinking Suns

The Madison noise-rock trio celebrates a new album, "Death Songs," with a July 29 show at Mickey's Tavern.
Jul 22 2016

Podcast: Major Vistas on improvisation and mixing genres

Two members of the Madison jazz trio discuss their debut album, "Minor Anthems."
Jul 15 2016

Podcast: Don Moynihan on #TantalizingTopofHumanHeads

The UW-Madison professor discusses his Twitter adventures, both silly and serious.
Jul 07 2016

Podcast: An Elizabethan interlude with the Madison Early Music Festival

The annual event marks Shakespeare's "death-iversary" from July 9 through 16.
Jun 30 2016

Podcast: Dan Kaufman on growing up in Madison in the '80s

The musician and writer shares his memories of soaking up Midwestern post-punk as a teenager.
Jun 24 2016

Podcast: A Room of One's Own faces the future

Co-owner Sandi Torkildson talks about putting the long-running downtown Madison bookstore on the market.
Jun 17 2016

Podcast: Catching up with Dos Mal├ęs

We talk with one-half of the Madison metal duo ahead of their June 18 show at The Frequency.
Jun 10 2016

Podcast: Tone Madison's brief summer 2016 music preview

A few of the best shows coming up in town this summer, both outdoors and in.
May 27 2016

Podcast: Mr. Jackson readies "Black Gandalf"

The Madison R&B artist discusses his second album, which he'll celebrate with a May 28 show at Ritual Barbers.
May 19 2016

Podcast: Meet the Sound Out Loud ensemble

The new contemporary-classical group joins us for an interview and in-studio performance.
May 13 2016

Podcast: Derrick Buisch and Leslie Smith III on Frank Stella

Two painters discuss MMOCA's major Frank Stella retrospective.
May 09 2016

Podcast: Wisconsin pride vs. nice things

Local connections both help and hinder the conversation about local arts and culture.
Apr 29 2016

Podcast: Preserving Owen Mays' country legacy

The late Wisconsin country artist's friends and family are making sure his music remains available.
Apr 22 2016